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San Juan Coal Company Draft EIS Comments Needed!

Jun 01, 2018

The Draft EIS to re-evaluate the Deep Lease Extension of San Juan Mine in New Mexico is now available on the OSMRE website. The EIS is being completed due to a WildEarth Guardians lawsuit that challenged OSMRE’s decision to approve the Deep Lease Extension area in 2008. The public comment period began on May 25th and will end on July 9th.

Information about the project and instructions on how to submit comments can be found at:

The Draft EIS and all associated documents can be found in the document library on the website:

Approval of the proposed action would allow San Juan Coal Company to continue to mine the Deep Lease Extension. Without the coal of the Deep Lease Extension, the life of mine would be greatly reduced and cause a significant loss of jobs for mine employees and the surrounding community. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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