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San Juan Coal Comments Needed

May 04, 2017
Following yet another law suit by the Wild Earth Guardians, OSM has been tasked with revisiting the Mine Plan Modification approved in 2008 for the Deep Lease Extension area. To comply with the requirements of agreements reached in court, OSM are preparing an EIS to analyze the impacts of the mine plan modification.

A public comment period ends NEXT WEEK (May 8th) and comments can be submitted by email or regular mail.  The details on the action can be found at:

San Juan Mine EIS

Background and project documents are there, but in short, the San Juan Underground Mine has progressed from the original surface mine highwall and mined out most of the adjacent reserves in the original surface lease, an adjacent lease area referred to as the "Deep Lease" and is now mining in the Deep Lease Extension (DLE).  Cessation of operations in the DLE would have a significant impact on the operations viability and even if operations could continue, the life would be greatly reduced. 

The comments page can be found at:

San Juan - Public Involvement

Your participation and support of the industry in these processes is vitally important.

Remember, the deadline for comment is May 8th, 2017 (that is next Monday).

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