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Short Course

Saturday, June 25, 2016 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m

Creating the Ownership Mindset

Leadership training is an important aspect that is sometimes overlooked for more technical opportunities. The Institute feels this is a good time for this training as leadership is more important than ever during these trying times. The focus of this training is on creating a mindset of personal ownership to optimize the results each leader produces both personally and professionally. Utilization of the owner/victim distinction to illuminate the profound difference between reacting to circumstances (the victim mindset) vs. creating your circumstances (the ownership mindset) and the effect each has on one’s performance will be the focus of the class. Participants will experience gains in effective communication, integrity, accountability and collaboration. It is a fun, interactive and highly motivational presentation that will provide participants with tools to create powerful results as leaders within their organizations.

ShortCourseThe class will be presented by Todd Musselman, Founder, Timberline Management. Todd is a powerful and effective leader who combines his background as a business owner, sales representative, and professional musician to produce strong, measurable results in the fields of organizational training, motivational speaking and executive/life coaching. It has been Todd’s experience that the primary determinate of performance is an individual’s mindset.

What’s Included: Breakfast, lunch, course materials and professional development credits. Register online at www.rmcmi.org or with the registration form in this booklet.

Cost: $350 if attending conference; $400 for short course only.