Public Education Materials Available:

One of the main objectives of the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute is to promote western coal through education.  We have developed a booklet, “Coal:  A Good Neighbor” and a companion CD. These items are available by request.  Please contact the RMCMI office at 303-948-3300 or email us to request copies.

View "Coal: A Good Neighbor" online, click here.

Education Kiosk

The Public Education Program has developed a multi-media museum exhibit that includes a proactive educational kiosk on the theme: "Coal: A Good Neighbor."

Hopi Tribal Reservation

Earth Day on the Hopi Tribal reservation in Kykotsmovi, Arizona

Components of this exhibit include:

  • An interactive monitor and overhead screen presentation - so the entire family can see what is on the computer (i.e., the large, flat screen above the monitor will display the same image that is on the computer)
  • A main menu with multiple choices to locations on the computer. Topics such as The Importance of Electricity, History of Coal Mining, Where Does Coal Come From, Affordable Energy, Mine Safety Concerns, Mining Technologies, Mine Land Reclamation and The Future of Coal are outlined

Education Kiosk

Two permanent displays are part of the National Mining Museum and Hall of Fame in Leadville, CO.  and in the New Mexico Mining Museum in Grants, NM.  We are proud to participate in public education projects throughout our region.

Presently, we are participating in “A Facet of Coal” exhibit at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry in Colorado Springs, CO.  with a portable kiosk that is available for events throughout the region.