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Patrons/Scholarship Committee

Description for RMCMI Patrons/Scholarship Committee

The Patron/Scholarship Committee will be chaired by two Co-Chairs, each of whom shall appoint a minimum of two additional members to serve with them in their respective areas. A Board Liaison will also sit on the committee. Each Co-chair will choose one of the committee members to serve as Co-Chair-elect and that person will be groomed to move into the Co-Chairmanship when asked.

The Patrons of the Institute Co-Chair shall contact the management of coal firms and suppliers, as well as RMCMI members, to become or continue as Patrons of the Institute. The contact shall be by a personal call or letter, whenever possible, or through other correspondence or newsletter notices.

The Patrons, through annual contributions of $100.00 or more, fund the Institute scholarship program. Categories of donations are:

  • Lignite $100 through $249
  • Sub-Bituminous $250 through $499
  • Bituminous $500 through $749
  • Anthracite $750 through $999
  • Diamond $1,000 through $2,999
  • Diamond Plus $3,000 through $4,999
  • Diamond Excellence $5000 and over

Each new Patron receives an engraved plaque that has four screw eyes attached to the bottom frame. As a Patron continues his annual support of the scholarship program, a thank you card including the current year bar is mailed the donor, who then attaches the bar to the screw eyes. Thank you letters are mailed to each new Patron by the RMCMI office.

The office maintains records of the various Patrons and the Co-chair sends requests, under the signature of the Cochair, as many times as necessary throughout each year. Generally such letters are mailed in September, January and May. The office sends monthly donation reports to the Patron Co-Chair.

The Scholarship Co-Chair shall work with various universities, colleges, or technical schools, Mine Managers, and other venues that may wish to be involved in, or promote, the scholarship program.

The Co-Chair, or the RMCMI office, shall make the initial contact with the university or college in December requesting that the school identify possible candidates and facilitate the distribution/promotion of application forms and procedures. Each college, university, or technical school is requested to publicize the awards availability with flyers with applications and criteria the office has mailed. Applications are due February 1.

The Co-chair, or committee members, personally interview the candidates, generally by phone. In March the RMCMI office sends a letter of congratulations to the college/university winner and ascertains if he/she will attend the RMCMI annual meeting as a guest. In April the office sends all convention details to the various winners and makes travel arrangements for each, with copies of all such correspondence to the Scholarship Co-Chair. The office will send letters of congratulations and information to the students selected for the technical scholarships, although these technical school recipients are not currently offered the opportunity to attend the annual meeting.

By June, the RMCMI office should receive, on school stationery, continuing eligibility information for each prior year student. It is the responsibility of the student to request from the school a recommendation for continuing tuition credit for the following school year. The office mails checks in August to the various schools to be used as tuition credit for the students in the program.

The Co-Chair chairs an orientation meeting during convention for those scholarship winners attending and also chairs the presentation segment of the Scholarship Awards Luncheon, introducing the recipients and presenting certificates. The Patron/Scholarship Co-Chairs will work together when considering income and expenses regarding the program. Any funds needed by either program should be put in the form of a budget and presented to the Board at the September meeting.

The report of the Patron and Scholarship Committee shall be furnished to the Executive Director no later than May 1 in a written document that will be acknowledged at the Annual Meeting and reprinted in the Post Convention Newsletter in the minutes of the Annual Meeting.