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Membership Committee

Description for RMCMI Membership Committee

The Membership Chair shall appoint a minimum of two additional members to serve on the Membership Committee. One of the committee members will serve as Chair-elect and will move into the Chairmanship the following year. A Board Liaison will also sit on the committee. The Committee will be responsible for developing an annual plan to attract new members to the Institute and maintain the current ones. It is important to recognize the RMCMI population that will be retiring in the coming years. RMCMI must actively recruit the younger generation. We must demonstrate that there are benefits to membership and that membership in RMCMI is a positive for their company, and for their own professional development.

The Committee shall develop a campaign to increase membership and to meet a specific objective (we suggest a 20% increase per year). This campaign might include:

  • Develop a database of prospective members
  • Develop a membership kit that presents the features and benefits of membership that would be suitable to give to a prospective member
  • Initiate a Membership Ambassador program
  • Undertake a one-on-one recruiting program
  • Advertise for new members (trade publications)
  • Develop relationships with Universities and trade schools to identify prospective members early in their career.
  • Take an inventory of current benefits of membership and available services to members
  • Survey the membership on benefits and services to determine which are most valuable, and what additional services would be desirable
  • Research benefits and services offered by other, similar, associations to see if any of those would be viable for RMCMI
  • Evaluate the financial costs and benefits of current and enhanced services

It is also recommended that a regular review and, if justified, updating of membership categories to assure that our membership structure meets the needs of new and current members.

The Committee might also assess the potential for a corporate membership support program. Such a program would be designed to demonstrate to employers and executives the direct benefits to their company of having employees involved in RMCMI, to determine which benefits employers find most valuable, and to identify opportunities whereby RMCMI can work with employers to benefit both parties.

Membership retention must go hand-in-hand with new member recruitment. This might include:

  • A procedure to follow-up with members who do not renew to determine why they choose to leave. It may be a questionnaire, phone call, e-mail, or personal contact. RMCMI will gain valuable knowledge as to what issues need to be addressed to retain members
  • Increased efforts to make members aware of the benefits of membership in the organization, possibly via the newsletter or the website.

The value of membership is often perceived by the amount of dues paid. Thus, with low dues we may be undervaluing membership in the organization. The consensus of the Blue Ribbon Commission II is that $250 per year would be appropriate. The dues should be addressed each year by the Membership Committee with a recommendation going to the Board.

The Committee will work closely with the Public Relations and Marketing Committee to determine the most effective way to promote the membership of the Institute. It is important that the Institute present a consistent look in all written communication to the membership and the public. The Membership Committee will determine a budget and present it to the Board of Directors for approval.

The President and the Board of Directors determine a desired number of members and set the annual dues amount. Dues are based on the calendar year.

The RMCMI office sends dues notices to all members in December and follow-up statements as required in February and April.